Error 105 when looking for heserver

I am using a curl script to access a php file in the www root folder, but it is not working when compiled by ExeOutput for PHP.

If I tell curl to use http://heserver/neededFile.php it times out, and if I put that same address into a href link it reports “Error - 105 when loading url http://heserver/neededFile.php

I know that neededFile.php is there, and if I use file_exists(exo_getglobalvariable(‘HEPHPDataPath’, ‘’).‘PrintLabels.php’) it returns “true”

From what I see error 105 is a DNS problem, and as I am using the Chromium engine that matches, but if I refer to $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] it reports “heserver”, so in that way the DNS does seem to be correct.

Any ideas? Anyone?

http://heserver is a protocol that can be accessed only from the HTML display engine. So CURL won’t be to access PHP scripts from it.

So does ExeOutput for PHP have an internal PHP CLI? That is, can I use a PHP command to execute a PHP page?

No, you should use some AJAX mechanism.