Error : Could not Generate Uninstaller

After installing the app,it is showing “Error : Could not Generate Uninstaller”.
It is not generating “Uninstaller.exe” in the specified folder. and uninstaller is also not working.
What i have observed is,avast antivirus is running ,if you disable it,it is working fine.

It looks like Avast is blocking the creation of the uninstaller EXE file. So it’s not a problem due to Paquet Builder itself, but Avast. When installing software anyway, it is recommended to disable antivirus programs.
Did you digitally sign your package and uninstaller?

Yes, i am signing the package and uninstaller.

You’re using Avast as a free user or customer?

We are using avast as a free user

The sole workaround is to disable avast, or you can try to contact them to report the problem.