Error in Workbook Chart

I am trialling the XLS Padlock.
A worksheet contains a chart that applies data that has protected cells.

After applying Padlock the workbook is all good including the chart. I then upload it to Dropbox. The workbook including the chart is unaffected when accessed by my PC.

I then share the workbook through Dropbox. When a user accesses it the chart is fine except one column of data represented in the chart is not displayed accurately. The data in that column is not protected. The chart shows [Cell Range] instead of the actual numeral in the cell.

here is an image:

Any thoughts about how to fix this?

Are these cells protected with the cell protection of XLS Padlock?

No the cells are not protected.

It would be better that you send us your EXE file for review (if possible).
If yes, you can zip it and upload it to
This is a free file hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL so that we can download the Zip archive.

Thanks here is the url

Only the red ext cells are not protected.

I tried again and the same problem occurred - when downloaded from Dropbox the % numbers in the chart drop ouot and are replaced by " [cell range]" but the exe version on the PC I use to create it is fine.



Does your workbook read data from another workbook or an external file?

No. I am not sure what you mean by an ‘external file’? In any case it is a simple Excel document.

In the compiled workbook, we get #REF errors. It looks like some cells are taking data from somewhere. Is it another workbook file? A database?