Error-Message: Can't allocate the DIB handle


I have a problem with a dialogue box that appears when my customer tries to open the publication.

Publication was built with version 4.8, customer uses Win7.

This is what the customer reports on my forum (only short text, no worries): Link

Btw, audio works fine now under Win10, which is GREAT, so many thanks for your efforts to solving that big issue!



This error means that Windows hasn’t got enough free system resources. Your user should try to restart his computer or close other running programs to free resources.

Great that audio works fine for your customers on Windows 10 now. :grinning:

Many thanks!! - Glad to see that it’s no issue related with HTMLexe!


now I have another customer who has exactly the same issue. He was kind enough to give me a screenshot of his system settings and resource usage (attached). It’s obviously not about lack of RAM in this case.

Could you please have a look at the screenshots and help me out? I wouldn’t like to loose this customer.

Many thanks in advance.

What’s interesting there is that the RAM-footprint of the program is almost 1.9 gb here, although when I test it on my PC it’s just 0.05, so there is obviously something odd happening.

Does your project use Flash?

Yes, it does.

That could be the reason. Did you enable virtualization for Flash content in HTMLEXE?

I’ve read some parts of the HTMLexe documentation which relates to virtualization. Then I tried to figure out how this applies to my publication.

In my publication I’ve screenshot the properties of an html-file (like in your manual) and a shockwave flash file. Both show different file settings which I attach in these two screenshots.

Does that help?

In the meantime I’ve asked my customer to update his flash player to the latest version and see the outcome. Since there are hundreds of other customers who don’t have that problem, I hope the issue is rather related to this customer’s specific PC setup rather than the publication itself.

Anything else I can do?

This error occurs because there is not enough memory and resources on the PC of your customer. What he can do is to close the EXE and restart it. Obviously, it’s something on his computer.

That’s very unlikely. As mentioned earlier, my customer runs on 12 GB of RAM with lots of headroom.

The RAM footprint of the publication on my PC is about 50 MB. The same publication has a RAM footprint of almost 2 GB on my customer’s PC, which is really odd.

Any other idea what this issue could result from?

Thank you!

EXE files made by HTMLEXE are anyway limited to 2 GB of RAM. So even if your user has 12GB, it won’t help.
Ask your user which Flash version he has got on his computer.

The size of my publication shouldn’t be the problem. It’s < 150mb. My user wrote me last time:

No, updating flash didn’t fix the issue.
I still get the same error.

Any other idea?

OK, but we need to know which Flash version he is using.
And EXE size isn’t related to what is stored in RAM. Flash is known to be resource-hungry.

Hello! I have the same problem. Today one of my customers tried to launch my publication. The file is 12,9 Mb, so it is not too big. It doesn’t contain Flash at all. What could be the reason? I made the publication with Html Executable 4.9, the user has Windows 10 and ESET virus protection.
The application starts I see the splash on the screen, then it disappears, and only the tray icon is visible, then after a while the error message dialog box appears on the screen.
This was the first time this customer wanted to open my publication.
My customers never before had this error.
Thank you in advance,

Today another customer faced the same problem with my publication. It was made on August 13th 2017, since then dozens of users could open it without any problem, actually yesterday was the first time I heard about this error. Today a Win 7 user had the same problem. The virus protection cannot be the issue, this user has Norton 360.

Do you use custom images for the toolbar or a custom icon for your publication?

Hello! I use custom icon for the publication, but not custom images for the
Thanks, Gabor

gdgsupport [email protected] ezt írta (időpont: 2018. ápr. 18.,
Sze 1:41):

Remove the custom icon, and rebuild.