Error-Message: Can't allocate the DIB handle



Sadly it didn’t help, the customer got the same error message.

Please check my publication!

Here is the one with the icon:

and here is the one without:




In further investigation, it appears that the error is due to the skin engine. Are you using some custom skin? Try to change to another skin. Did you modify some skin options?



No custom skin, I use a built in one, called 2010Blue_Ext.skn.

Or is it obsolete? You do not Support it in current versions?



The skin engine is responsible so maybe it can not happen with another skin. We’ll try to reproduce with 2010Blue_Ext.skn.



I don’t use 2010Blue_Ext anymore, because I remember it had another name, so I thought it is obsolete.

So I use Charm_Aero which is exactly the same as far as I see.

Or can that also cause the problem?




We’re preparing an update for HTML Executable v4.9. It will fix this problem.


Great, so I guess I’m not the only one who has this problem.
Can you give me a hint when this update would be available?

Thank you so much,