Error message: file not found: mobile\index.html

I have been using HTML Executable 4.7 successfully, up until recently. “Compiling Publication” works fine. When i attempt to Run Publication the following windowed message appears:-
HTML Executable viewer error. The following error has occurred. Please press Back to return to the previous page or Contact the Author / Publisher of this publication, for further information.
File not found: mobile\index.html
I am keen to find out if anyone else has experienced this problem and what the solution to it is.

Maybe your website’s folder structure has been modified? Try to select the homepage again in the File Manager of HTMLEXE.

Thanks for your response. However, i had already tried selecting the home page again - including updating
the files.

Have you tried on another computer?
Since this seems to be a local problem, please send us a system report.

Open HTML Executable, then any of your project.
Choose the star icon and About HTML Executable.
Then click Send System Report:

This will send us a system report with your project settings. Follow instructions.