Error message while opening a compiled workbook by the customor

A customer of mine received an xlspadlock compiled and tested workbook (Windows 7, EXCEL 2010, 32Bit, XL-üadlock 2.0 [simple VBA-lock, with Activationkey]). During opening the file the customer got following error message:

" xxx.exe is not a permissible win32 application"

Does anybody know the reason? The IT administror is running the company’s network with what he calls virtual hosting, Win 64 Bit and EXCEL 32 Bit. Without compilation the Workbook opens without error message. On my two own Laptopsstarting the compiled workbook generates either no error message.

Maybe the “virtual hosting” solution your customer uses doesn’t handle our Excel hooking engine. Do you know the name of this “virtual hosting” solution?
BTW is it “xxx.exe is not a permissible win32 application” or “xxx.exe is not a valid win32 application”?

my customer isn’t running “virtual hosts” bur “virtual desctops” by vmware 5.5 und 6.0. Are there any conflicts?

Make also sure that the EXE is run from a local drive and not a shared network folder.
Please also ask your customer this:
is the error message “xxx.exe is not a permissible win32 application” or “xxx.exe is not a valid win32 application”?

At the workingplace is no local drive.Tthe exe-file is placed in the datacenter and startet remote.

the error message is written in german language “xxx.exe ist keine zulässige win 32 Anwendung.”
“Zulässig” means according to dictionary: admissible or allowable or permissible or tolarable or acceptable

My guess would be that there is a whitelist of executables that you are allowed to run. So yourapp.xls will work fine but yourapp.exe ist nicht Zulässig(=permissable).

This would explain the problem. It should be started locally and not remotely.