Error n.126 in exeoutput for php

Hello, i install a exe aplication in a server with wamp (windows apache mysql) and:

if i execute the .exe file in server the aplication go good
if i execute the .exe file through a link to .exe file located in server i find a error n.126 (the .exe will be used for 3 diferent computer)

Also, in the server when i open the .exe file “form select” not open and in the last version go good

What is the EXE file? Is it one built with ExeOutput for PHP?

Yes, the exe file are built with exeoutput for php.

I wish put the .exe file in the server, and all user load it in their computer trought a link. The exe file only load in server

No, that’s not possible. EXE files are by default designed to work as clients, unless you create a server app. In that case, you should create a CLI app and manage incoming/outgoing connections thanks to the PHP socket extension. Then the EXE file must be run on the server to accept connections from other computers.

Other question… for me is very important!!

Can i put the .exe file in every client computer, but conect to a database in server computer, And put ‘Data’ folder in webserver trought the lan ?

You can connect to a remote database server (though this should remain an internal network), but the “Data” subfolder must be local. You can of course synchronize the contents of the “Data” subfolder before running the EXE, but ExeOutput hasn’t the feature to do it. Some software exist for that.