Error starting encryptic file - SOLVED

When loading workbook I am getting two error notifications using last update of XLS Padlock 32bit version, Windows 10, 64-Bit-version

"Namenskonflikt, Name darf integriertem Namen nicht gleichen, Alter Name: _FilterDatabase
NeuerName: … "

"Namenskonflikt, Name darf integriertem Namen nicht gleichen, Alter Name: Criteria
NeuerName: … "

In English: “conflict of name, name must not be similar to integrated names, old name: _FilterDatabase”
“conflict of name, name must not be similar to integrated names, old name: criteria”

I have to try to change the names for servaeral times substitutiin the names e.g. by “_FilterDaten” and “Kriterien” the workbook is loaded finally. Next time when I open a last save, the error does not happen again. What is wrong? What must be changed? It is annoying for my companes to get errors starting encrypted workbooks for the first time!

I myself did some research: Renaming the names in the names manager does solve the issue uncompletly. Some changed names are not listed in the names manager. Despite erasing the changed names from the names list the problem still continues. This may be a reason to abandon xlspadlock.

You didn’t say which Office version you are using, and it is in German, right?

Hallo, I am using German EXCEL 2010., Office Home and Student. Before encrypting the files with XLS-padlock there are no errors.

Are you using formula protection?

Hallo, I am using EXCEL- formula-protection in the different worksheets - not provided by xls-padlock. Also I also am using EXEL-Workbook-protection with a password and VBA-protection with a pasword.

Try this option as you are not working with XLS Padlock formula protection:

Thank you very much. It works. The name conflict is not occuring any more.

Yesterday is was using the trail version of xls padlock. There it worked. But when I am using the licensend, last version of xls padlock the message window “name confict…” still exists!. One of my customers told me, that he cannot start the file for the first time. I found out, that the message window “name conflict” hides behind the still visible window “loading workbook” or even worse behind the application. You habe to close all open windows to find the message box. I will never sell this product successfully under this condition. Does anybody have an idea?

So does the name conflict problem still occur on your own machine? And did you specify a password here?

The name conflict still occurs with the licenced version. I don’t specify a password there (on the security menue). I do not chance anything in this menue.

Is it possible for you to send us both your Excel workbook and compiled EXE file?

If yes, you can zip them and upload them to
This is a free and ad-free hosting service: after upload, they will give you a
URL. Please give me this URL through Private Message so we can download the Zip archive.

Hello, Thank’s god, I found a tool, with which one is able to find hidden names in an EXCELWorkbook and delete them: Names Manager 4.3. (URL: Now the name conflict doesn’t happen any more. The reason of the doubling of names was my redundant testing of Data filtering and Data searching generated identical names during the programming. Now the workbook is cleansed of name conflicts. Thank’s also for your supporting! :relaxed:

That’s a very interesting program you found. We’ll keep them on our disks too!
Thanks for sharing!

Hello, I am not sure yet! Thanks for the release 2.2.1. can you tell me which configuration of xlspadlock is neccessary to prevent the name conflict in future.

I realized that the name conflict is persisting at xlspadlock version 2.2 because it’s coming up again during working with my xls padlock encrypted application. How can you guarantee that it doesn’t happen again with Version 2.2.1 ? Thank’s for helping.

Even with new versions, the problem will persist if you load encrypted saves that were made from your faulty workbook.
Now that you can solve the name conflict problem in your original workbook, you should start from this fixed one.