Error upon exiting app with new version of CEF 89 - but not CEF 87

Hello guys,

I’ve just noticed a strange issue with the new version of ExeOutput using CEF 89.

My app compiles fine from the original project and everything seems to work fine too, but after closing it from the usual top right cross icon I’m always confronted with an error:


I’m not sure what could be causing it as nothing shows up in the CEF log or PHP err log - but I tried switching down to CEF version 87 using the new option you provide, recompiled, and the error went away. To confirm the issue I switched back to CEF 89 and the error returned. So CEF 87 seems fine, but v 89 seems to be causing an issue somewhere.

I’m on Windows 7 - not tested on W10 yet.

Any clues? Might it be a possible compatilility issues with CEF 89 and Windows 7?

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Yes probably although we made tests on Windows 7 and CEF89 and there was no issue. Maybe it’s specific to your app? Can you try to run the demo that ships with ExeOutput to see if the issue arises too?

I will try the demo.

However… Before I switched down to CEF87 I did try a couple of other things within my existing project. First I reset the php ini & made sure to clear php & cef runtime before recompiling - that’s didn’t fix the issue. Then I tried removing all the files from the project except for the index page that is just a basic php page with html links leading to various startup options of the app - that didn’t fix it either, the error still showed up upon closing the basic index page.

Next I figured it’d be interesting to see exactly where the error was being triggered, so I added some text to the “End Prompt Message” field and compiled again. This time the app closed fine, then the end prompt appeared, then AFTER closing the end prompt, the error appeared - so with that in mind it doesn’t seem to be a problem with my own code.

I did try creating a brand new project, but only compiled a very basic test page with CEF89 and it worked fine - no error on close, so my next step is to recreate a brand new project for my app from scratch with the new version of ExOutput, duplicate the settings and see if that works.

I’ll keep you posted!

Yes, maybe it’s a setting that is responsible for this problem and it would be great to find the reason so that we can fix this. Thanks for the help!

So I created a new project for my app from scratch and gradually copied over the previous settings testing inbetween each major change and each time I recompiled the app everything worked fine - no error messages on close at all, I can’t reproduce the issue with a new project at all, so it was just a case something in the old project (created in the previous version of ExeOutput) that was causing an issue - I’m still no closer to figuring out what it could be though…