Error writing duplicate filenames with different dest paths

So I just installed the latest Paquet Builder 3.1. It seems
that there are a major problem in the software. I have added several files in
the File Manager with similar names but different source and destination paths.
When I install the compiled installer I get that the second similar filename
gets overridden to the first similar file name in the destination folder.

Any ideas?

It looks like you didn’t configure Paquet Builder to store path information.

For instance, try this:

Please also read this important topic:

Storing path information

If your source files are coming from different source folders, then
the path in addition to the filename of each file should be stored
within the archive. When a file is unpacked, the folder corresponding
to the stored path is first created and then the file is placed in

OK. I’ve installed the latest Paquet Builder 3.2 now and I’m getting the following problem now.

First of all I have the same situation as I mentioned above. i.e. 2 files with the same name. So to fix the problem I enabled the “Store Path Information” under the compression options.

It seem to work. My only problem now are those folders created when the files are extracted. After installation the folders are still there. Should it not automatically remove the folders after install??

Folders are restored. I don’t see why they should be removed by PB?

If you want to delete them, you can add two “Delete a folder” custom actions.

The only reason a select the “Store Path Information” is so that I can have two files with the same name added to PB. But now the client gets a lot of empty folders in the destination path after they have installed it. Kind of silly that I now have to delete each folder with a custom action.

What if I add something else later and forget to put in the delete custom action? PB must have a way to handle all this automatically.

Unfortunately no, because it’s how the 7z format is constructed. Folders are like files in 7z archives and even if there is no file inside them, they are restored when unpacking. Another workaround for having files with the same name: use different filenames in the 7z archive and rename them at runtime with a “Rename a file” custom action.