EV Code Sign Certificate

I am in the process of acquiring a EV code signing certificate to apply to my xls padlock application. The process of establishing the EV code signing certificate has been much more complicated than I estimated (as I am not an IT person). I have had to download a Safenet application, MS SDK and Visual studio.
I am wondering if anyone else has had to go through this process?
Is applying an EV code signing certificate in the xls padlock build process the same as a normal code sign certificate?

An EV certificate requires a dongle to be plugged-in, that’s probably the associated drivers that you had to install. MS SDK is for the MS signtool utility which you’ll use to sign EXE files manually.
You should contact your certificate reseller for your process question.

Thanks for that.
Yes I have a usb. I am trying to get some answers from the certificate reseller.
Can you explain how I attach the EV code signing certificate as part of the Distribute EXE process with XLS Padlock? The User Guide (7.6) describes selecting the location of the certificate and provide a path. I have done this with a standard code sign certificate (whre the certificate is located on my PC) but I am unsure how this works with EV. I am intending to distribute via online activation. I have installed the woocommerce intregration kit.
Thanks for your help.

I think I worked this out. I realised I could link the Ev code cert via the windows certificate store.
This enabled me to successfully code sign my exe file. I then tried to distribute the file online but it was blocked and deleted by anti virus software (using a different PC).
I am now concerned that the EV cert will not overcome the virus software. I need to repeat the problem so I have gone through the same processes again and now I get an error message when I try to 'Sign Exe File Now" - the message is “Application was not signed: an error occurred: The EXE file was not found. Please first compile the workbook”.
I noticed a previous query about this message - Please first compile the workbook - Generate setup
I have tried this with a couple of files applying XLS padlock but get the same result.
I also tried to build the application by automatically signing the code cert but that did not work either.
Any thoughts about what the problem might be?

This error only occurs when I try to apply code signing certificate. The build works when I don’t try to apply code sign certificate.
Not sure what to do next. Any thoughts?