Excel has failed to open the protected workbook MS office 2007

I have made an application using XLS Padlock with hardware protection, it is working smoothly in MS OFFICE 2016, but showing an error ‘excel has failed to open the protected workbook…’ when one of my clients tried to open it in MS OFFICE 2007.

Have you tried your original workbook source file in Office 2007 before compiling with XLS Padlock? Some Office compatibility problems are known with old 2007 version.

Yes! I have checked it in 2007, the file is working smoothly, only the compiled file is not opening in MS OFFICE 2007.

This is the error I am getting.


Please clear all formula protection to see if there is one formula not handled in Office 2007.

Hi, I am having the same problem with both Office 2007 and 2010 on two different PC’s. I do not have any formula protection at the moment but still get this error message. The workbook works well before the file is compiled.

First of all, have you tried to open your workbook source file in Excel 2007 directly? If some dialog box about compatibility or errors is shown upon loading, then you must first issues so that this dialog box is no more displayed. For instance, try to run the Document Inspector on your workbook.

Customer of main getting the same message and he runs office 365 with windows 10.

Ask the customer to send you the XLSC file and decrypt it with the “Decrypt Save” feature of XLS Padlock.

Excel has failed

Unfortunately my customer has the same problem. I tried to use the “Decrypt Save” feature of XLS Padlock but I received Storage file is corrupted

It is solved.

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