Excel Message: False Save Filename

Suppose the filename of the source file is aaaa.xlsb,
the filename of the padlock coded file is aaaa.exe
and the filename of the according secure workbook is bbbb.xlsc.

If I intend to close my coded workbook bbbb.xlsc, Excel comes up with the following question in
a Microsoft Excel Frame:

Do you want to save the changes you made to ‘aaaa.xlsb’?
With buttons Yes / No / Cancel.

The filename is false and confusing for my customers. The correct question should read:
Do you want to save the changes you made to ‘bbbb.xlsc’? or simply
Do you want to save the changes?

If I press yes, I get the correct selection window for saving my file as bbbb.xlsc or xxxx.xlsc.

What can be done, to never get a false filename in this Before Close Excel Message?

You can try to disable that message:

Thank you for suggesting a solution.

A. Microsoft proposes a macro either with
Application.DisplayAlerts = false
or with
ThisWorkbook.saved = true
to disable the message.

I tested both of them. Although running properly they unfortunately do in fact not disable this particular message.

B. Rather than disable this useful message, I would prefer to have the message repaired: It should use the correct filename or it should omit the filename. A false filename is only displayed with Padlock-coded files. Can xlsPadlock do anything about?

We’ll check but it may not be possible to catch Excel messages.