Excel protected workbook executable file fails to load - SOLVED

I have purchased an Excel protected workbook executable file that fails to load. I received an activation code from the vendor and activated successfully. I have created exceptions for the file in programs such as Bitdefender, System Mechanic and have disabled firewalls, but to no avail. I have also disabled Windows 10 SmartScreen. I have Excel 2010. The exe file is 32 bit.
The error message is: Unexpected error while loading protected workbook: open method of Workbooks class failed. Please restart the protection program.

Please try to repair your Office 2010 installation.

Thank you for reply.
I have followed the given procedure of repairing the Office 2010 installation. After re-booting I tried again to run the executable file, but received the same error message as before. The vendor of the Excel spread sheet is unable to assist.

Could you try our own Excel workbook demo at

to see if this error is specific to the workbook you purchased or if it occurs with any compiled workbook?

Thank you

Thank you. I downloaded your compiled workbook and copied it into a new folder on my C: drive. I then ran the file and it showed the same small “loading” window that I see when I try to load my compiled workbook. However, your loaded the spread sheet perfectly without showing an error message as indicated in my initial query above.

Do I deduce from this that my compiled workbook is corrupted. I downloaded it more than once from the ling that the vendor had given me to make sure that it was downloaded correctly.

I shall now report this to my vendor and see what happens.

Than you again.

Yes, there is certainly a small problem related to the workbook of the vendor, but we’re in exchange with him and we’ll find out what is happening. It’s certainly related to some workbook opening password.

My vendor changed some of the settings of the Excel workbook and re-compiled it. Then it worked!

Thank you for the assistance you provided. Much appreciated.

Thank you for the follow-up!

What settings did the vendor make?

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Still wondering what changes the vendor made.

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Please open a new topic and describe your error.