Excel Table Not working

I have a page that has a table set up. In the compiled workbook the table does not add rows at the bottom when you tab from the previous row.

Are tables not supported?

How is the data for the new row added? From an external source?

It is manually entered by the user.

Could you explain more?

I’m not really sure what additional information you need, but here’s what is happening.

I have a sheet that is nothing but a simple table. There are no formulas on it and the only macro on the page is a macro to sort the table a specific way.

It is a list of ingredients for recipes. The user enters the ingredient name, the size of the container the ingredient is purchased in, the measurement for the ingredient in the container (i.e. fluid oz, grams, etc.) and then the price of the item.

There are currently 90 items on the table, with a blank line at the end of the table. In my original Excel file, you enter an item, then press tab and it goes to the next line and adds a new row, formatted like the rows above it. In the compiled spreadsheet, when I press tab to add a new blank line, it blinks and puts the cursor at the top of the list.

In Excel, if the sheet is protected this will happen. If you unprotect the sheet it works properly. The sheet was not protected when the workbook was compiled.

I didn’t say this in my original post, but also, when I added a new ingredient to the table in the compiled workbook and sorted the list to be alphabetical, it caused an error elsewhere on the spreadsheet that linked to the last line on the table. If I remove the item that I added and resort back to the way it was before I added it, the error on the other sheets disappears.

You can ignore this issue. I found the error. It was on the spreadsheet, not with the compilation. I apologize.