Exception EFCreateError in module DIMizer.exe at 01E60E70

Hi All,

I’m using XLS Padlock and Paquet Builder. The EXE file works great - until it is compiled and installed using Paquet Builder on the same development pc. I have not tried installing it on another pc yet. I installed the EXE file to the program files directory and it appears in the folder I want it to appear in and the shortcut on the desktop is correct. It prompts for the user agreeing to the EULA Licensing agreement, but after you click I Agree and hit OK, it gives me this error and closes:

Please someone help me. It seems I’m just right at the edge of being able to publish this app.

Thanks for any advise!


I found that the file opens fine IF I copied and pasted the file into a different directory that was not in PROGRAM FILES. Anyone know why Excel maybe can’t/shouldn’t be initiated from within PROGRAM FILES??

Otherwise, I’ll have to make the default directory something like C;\MYPROG\myProg.exe

etc. . .



That’s a workaround thank you. This error is fixed in the incoming version 2.4 of XLS Padlock.

Thank you gdgsupport!! Awesome software!!