Exe application on FullScreen (like a game)

Hi, I want to get Exe application on FullScreen(like a game), I could not find any relevant information on forum, which would help me, is there any way to do it?

Hi, in the “Application Settings” main tab, go to the “Main Window” and select the option to “Display a maximized window”.

Un-check the checkboxes for “Allow end users to resize the window”, “Enable Maximize window button” and “Save User defined window position”.

Check the box for “Always center the window”.

Now under the “Skin Properties” tab, check “Create a window with no title bar (useful for kiosk mode)”. Leave the rest unchecked.

This should make your app full-screen like a game.

hi, is there any way to make window full screen after clicking on title bar’s maximize button but to keep title bar as well on screen?

Do you mean you want to hide the taskbar?