.exe application problem/error when running on Windows 7

Hi all,

I would appreciate your help if you can…

I have a few clients still using MS Windows 7 (it is supported by MS until Jan 2020!) and some recent updates to my .xls models (…compiled using the latest version of xls padlock) are resulting in the following MS widows error message:

‘This Application is not meant to run in elevated mode or with admin rights. Please restart it’.

However, it’s not running in elevated mode or as admin as far as I can see. I’ve attempted the same on a machine running MS Windows 10 and they open and run without any problems. Is this a problem with runtime files in the Windows 7 setup?

Is there anything I can do to get this up and running?

Note: This problem has only occurred when compiling models using the latest version of xlspadlock and compiled workbooks using Windows 8 >10 operate absolutely perfect.


This known problem is similar to Error Message After Upgraded to 2019_0
It will be fixed in V 2019.1.