EXE crashes when attempting to pre-load large files, 8-12mb

I’m preloading (unpack the files to virtual memory at startup is ticked) a few large image files so that they should load instantly after initialisation, but what actually happens is the application crashes whether this option is ticked or not if I attempt to load a large image file. Any ideas?

What is the total amount of data you’re preloading?

I’m not sure how I can tell very easily but I would guess around 30mb? I don’t get any error messages per se, just the application becomes unresponsive and so Windows greys it out offering after a while if I would like to wait or close it. Doesn’t matter how long I wait, it never recovers.

Try to increase these values:

The content/filetypes toolbar button is disabled for me. Is this because I’m on an older build of v1.7 or is this feature only unlocked when I enter a license key? I’m still trying to adapt our application to see if I can get a working prototype using ExeOutput at present.

I believe that the problem is probably more linked to the PHP code that processes your images than the option that pre-loads images. Are you using the PHP GD2 extension? What memory amount did you set for PHP in PHP.INI?

The php.ini memory_limit = 128M.

The GD2 library isn’t being used for these large images, they are just files embedded in the project being showed using an HTML <img> element or CSS background-image attribute.

I’m processing the files through a php script to apply Gzip compression, perhaps this could be the issue? Shortened version of the script (note: while include_once is faster it does not work for images hence using file_get_contents):

<?php /* acquire file and path from query string parameters, check exists etc */ /* output Content-Type header with appropriate MIME type */ $sData = @file_get_contents( $sPathToImageFile ); /* output caching related headers - Expires, Last-Modified, ETag */ /* return HTTP 304 not modified with 0 content length and exit if resource same as browser cache version */ if( !ob_start( 'ob_gzhandler' )) ob_start(); echo( $sData );