EXE file not saved after download

After creating the EXE file with XLS Padlock and conducting a successful local test, I uploaded the EXE file to my website for customers to download. After the download of the file to a user’s computer is complete, the user is asked whether to "Run"or “Save” it. If the user selects “Run”, it then goes through the activation process with no issues and thereafter works just fine. Ultimately, the user does a “Save” and gives it a name but the only thing that gets saved is an XLSC file, not the EXE file. On the other hand, if the user selects “Save” immediately after the download, the EXE file does gets saved and everything’s happy. From a user’s perspective, a Save is a Save and the timing should not be an issue.

Am I doing something wrong?

The following problem can occur with “Run”: the EXE is saved to a temporary location on the end user computer, and then, it is removed by the webbrowser when it closes.
So it can’t relaunch itself after successful activation.

I suggest that you tell your users to click “Save” in some download instructions.

OK, thanks!