EXE file won't open under xlspadlock

Hello, we just installed Windows 10 with its latest updates and no matter what excel files we generate with XLSPADLOCK, the EXE files won’t open. The file closes just after the welcome image. We have installed version 2020.1
Could you tell us what could be causing this problem. Thanks in advance.
Previously my file worked with a 2018 version under windows7.
We have regenerated the excel file with the new 2020 version
We have also disabled the antivirus for testing, that does not change anything.
Version EXCEL 2016 MSO (16.0.13231.20110) 32 bits

Please contact our support and send us the EXE files for review. You can zip them and upload them to https://wetransfer.com This is a free file hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL so that we can download the Zip archive.
Please double-check that you have the latest version of XLS Padlock by downloading it from https://www.xlspadlock.com/download and not with the download link sent by our reseller.