Exe in Windows10 works - but not in windows7

An update helped against the Trojan problem
however now the program does not work anymore on windows7

The exe which I produced on a win10 system with IE11 and edge runs perfectly under win10
but refuses to work under Windows 7 with IE11
“This publication file has been corrupted or truncated…”

Please compare with Cyohash for instance https://sourceforge.net/projects/cyohash/ whether your EXE file hasn’t been corrupted when you copied it to your Windows 7 computer.

sorry to say, but the hash values are identical
also after restart it still says in w7
"This publication file has been corrupted or truncated…"
and I have produced the exe several times meanwhile - with always the same error message

Too bad that there is no idea, because this means to me, that I cannot use HTML_Executable anymore
Any idea or hint would be appreciated
Thank you

Since this seems to be a local problem, please send us a system report.

Open HTML Executable, then any of your project.
Choose the star icon and About HTML Executable.
Then click Send System Report:

This will send us a system report with your project settings. Follow instructions.

Having read that you said it is a local problem, I made a new test
What I found out is:

  1. it runs well if I start the exe from c:/xxx (so from c:/ ther is no problem)

  2. I get the error message only, if I start it from a network storage (y:/xxx)
    That means: I cannot start it from an external disk /network storage

  3. I tested to start from a usb stick and that worked as well

=> There is a problem to start the program from a network storage device.
I have heard, there are problems like this with the internet explorer. One cannot start some html or js files from a network storage device
Can you or I do something to solve that for my customers?

Yes, that’s the reason: EXE files must be started locally and not from a mapped drive. However, it is possible that network location paths work such as \SERVER\path\myebook.exe