EXE is not load - please fast

my customer is getting this message:


The software worked fine for 7 months and suddenly he received this message when he open the workbook.

He claims he didn’t change anything on his computer.

I’m useing “Save changes automatically and load them without prompt next time” so he is not running any “saves point in time”…

please tell me what to do.

Unfortunately, this error means that the customer mixed saves from different applications (or versions of your application). There is nothing we can do… Maybe the customer can send you their save file and you can try to decrypt it with the “Decrypt Save” feature of XLS Padlock?

There is no way that the client mixed saves, he is not a tech person.
I have the save here, and I tried to open it with and I get the following error:


Is the file can be corrupted ?

Then, yes, it could be a possible reason. A hardware failure is possible.
Try to ask the customer for the save file and try the “Decrypt Save” feature of XLS Padlock on the received file.

I already did, as i said, I tried to open the saved file here with my XLS Padlock and I got the above message (storage file is corrupted…).

If you and your customer agree, you can send us the XLSC file and we’ll inspect it to find out why it cannot load. Of course, you’ll also have to give us your project file, otherwise inspection will be limited.

My EXE file is a super complex file with (±)15K lines of pure VBA code and userforms (I’m not using excel formula’s)

several questions:

  1. Do you need the whole project with the my VBA code?

  2. I need to give my client an estimate of when he will be able to use the EXE file because it is not currently open and my software is critical to his business

  3. If I send you my project, I want to achieve two goals:
    One, it is to extract the information that is inside the sheets
    Two, that you fix this bug so it will never be a situation like this, that I can not get my data that lives in my file, this is a supreme value in software reliability .

  4. I also want you to promise that after you fix the file you will be delete my project.

thank you.

Can you please give me an answer ?

Thank you.

Surely they have a backup?