Exe not opening in Windows 11 - SOLVED

Hi, one of my users has just updated to Windows 11, and upon opening my application they are getting the message “Excel is required in order to run this application”. They have Excel 2016 installed, and were running the application on windows 10 without error before the upgrade. Does anyone know the cause, or more importantly the resolution please?
Many Thanks Paul

Your user should try to repair their Excel because this error means that the registry entries for Office were corrupted (probably the update).

Thank you so much for the quick reply. They tried a repair but it still didn’t work. They have unfortunately now reverted to a restore point and it works again, but am happy to assume this is the issue if you have proven it usually works on Windows 11 upgrades. Many thanks once again.

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We updated several of our test computers to Windows 11 and EXE files appear to work as expected. And XLS Padlock 2022 is coming with full support for Office 2021 (and of course tested for Windows 11).