Exe within a exe? How do i do it?

Hello i am looking at buying this nd have been using the trial for the last week and i cant get a exe to run a exe.

Have you any ideas please before i lose all hope and look else were!
I love the feel and UI but i need to have a installer open a few exe files.

looking to go pro on this software long term if this works.


Follow this quick tutorial:

Add EXE files you want to package to File Manager:

This will select the first EXE to run. Then press Custom Actions:

Add a new custom action:

Choose the 2nd EXE:

Important: check WaitUntilEnd to make sure the package waits for the end of the EXE before continuing:

Now the two EXE files b.exe and a.exe will be run back-to-back:

Add similar custom actions if you want to run more EXE files. You can even copy/paste CAs: