EXE + XPLAPP and McAfee

In my computer, I compile with no issue, but when running it appears the following pop ups;

Captura de pantalla 2024-07-04 115352

and afterwards

Captura de pantalla 2024-07-04 115615

and I cann not execute the .exe

If I deactivate McAfee, then I can

Any advice?


Indeed, the 64-bit mode temporarily extracts another EXE to the Windows temp folder. Maybe your McAfee antivirus blocks this behavior (which is legitimate as a lot of installers do the same). Have you tried to contact the support team of your McAfee antivirus? If you are a paid user, they will be more willing to answer.

Contacted and the only solution is to deactivate McAffe to do such extraction, which is a no go for my customers.
Any other advise from you?
If I do not use the bundle, I have no problem at all. The issue is only when using the EXE + XPLAPP bundle

That’s strange. The bundle was made to avoid complications with antivirus software.
Anyway, an antivirus company that says “please disable our antivirus for your software to work”, it’s not a good solution.
If you prefer, you can of course use the stand alone version too for your project.
In a future update, we’ll modify the bundle loader to keep a copy locally and not in the temp folder, if this can help with McAfee.