Executable sizes

Hi, not a whine or bug as such, but just curious why the sizes of executables have trebled in size between version 1.5 and version 1.6 - everything else configuration wise been the same ? You can make the executables a similar size as before when using version 1.5 by using the new compress with EXE packer UPX option, but don’t fully understand why without using UPX the executables sizes have close to trebled (eg one .exe was 4.2mb - now 11.4mb). Just curious, as it is resolvable with use of the UPX option - or were previous 1.5 .exe automatically behind the scenes using UPX or similar system, which has by default have now been made user selectable ?


Prior to 1.6, executable files with the Trident engine selected could optionally work with a runtime module (see http://www.exeoutput.com/runtimemod.php) so they could stay “small”. With v1.6, we removed the runtime module option since it was not really used. In exchange, we added support for UPX and other EXE compressors / protectors.