Execute a Bat file command

I create a bat file, which is installed with the rest of my user files, the default location is program files. I added a custom action to execute the bat command which points to the installation destination folder and bat file. when I later run the uninstall.exe, the bat file is not executing. i’ve tried putting the custom action command in the Uninstall Initialization section, and in the Before File Removal section, but it fails to execute. It used to work, in version 3.7, but now i’m using 2020.1. note the bat file works no problem if i right click and run as admin.

Please try to upgrade to V2021.

Thanks for the IDEA. I did two things, changed the location of file user commonappdata folder, and downloaded 2021. I’m up and running again. and by the way i retested 2020 running from the commanappdata folder, and it ran okay.

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