My problem is the following :
I would like to insert a php execution script in a button components, using an hescript function.
It works including php script but it is showing all html content not the result of mixed php + javascript action I need.
Can you help please ?


When you want to link the UI to PHP, you must use JavaScript as an intermediate. This is due to how the CEF rendering engine works.
So, basically: create a JavaScript function in your webpages that uses AJAX to run the PHP script you want. Then, configure the UI button to invoke this JavaScript function.


To invoque the JavaScript function as you describe, it needs to indicate the webpage path, how to do that in UI Button with javascript function ?

Well if you have an exemple of code how to do it …


No need to indicate the webpage path. Choose “Execute JavaScript Code” action.
Here is the way we use in our general demo that ships with ExeOutput:


Yes I can understand the process, but I don’t find the ajax function : #myModalFooter.
I only see the modal text in footer.php.

It’s a function we defined in our own code. Enter your own function. When the button is pressed, the web browser will execute it (provided that it is available in the currently displayed page).