EXEOut V1.7 Question

I have some older software made by V1.7 that only writes some files to users appdata folder. That is the only purpose of the software.

My question is this: How long do you think Windows with support the Trident / IE engine?

I really like continue using simply because the final exe are so small compared to using WebKit / Chromium.

Any ideas on Windows support of the trident engine?

Since HTML Help still uses Trident engine (and IE too…), it’s not supposed to disappear immediately. They have to keep the engine into Windows for compatibility purposes.
And yes, we have plans to integrate Edge/Chromium into ExeOutput in the future, so that EXE files are lighter (hopefully…).

Thank you for the input, greatly appreciated.

I have to do a “end of life” evaluation for software every December and needed to have some idea of the trident shelf life. My thoughts are in line with yours on the trident engine, but like to hear from the experts :wink:


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