ExeOutput 2.1 including *.bak files

It appears that ExeOutput 2.1 is including and compiling *.bak files. That’s what it shows in the ‘log’ page. Version 1.7 doesn’t do that. ??

Had not noticed this behavior. But after looking back a few projects now see why some are much larger in final compile…

Please try to add .BAK to the Exclusion list:

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That does not work, at least not well enough. And the sample to add is .BAK which I thought should be in the list in the first place.

My problem is that my editor adds .bak to the original file name so I have index.php.bak and that is still being included in the compile list.

Try to add .php.bak extension

Tried that, it didn’t work either. Note that ExeOutput 1.7 does not have this problem so you have the ‘correct code’ in that version.