ExeOutput 2 will be compatible with?

css3, font awesome, modernizr?
if I buy the version 1.7 will be entitled to the new version?

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Yes and yes. ExeOutput 1.7 users can already get an activation key for ExeOutput 2 Beta. And this key will work for the initial version of ExeOutput 2.

I did not get it right … I’ll be entitled to upgrade for 1 year is that?

our purchased license is royalty-free and perpetual: you may use the purchased version forever to compile and distribute unlimited private/public applications according to the license agreement terms.
Includes free major and minor upgrades during 1 year, discounts on future upgrades, free basic technical support by email and support forum
One additional year of upgrade and support extension

Yes, all upgrades will be free for one year. It’s called maintenance.
However, your purchased license will always work. So all versions you receive during your maintenance will always work and never expire. When your maintenance expires, all received versions will still work. It’s only versions released after maintenance expiration that you won’t be able to activate, unless you renew your maintenance.

Note that we extend all maintenances for current owners of ExeOutput 1.7.x so that they can upgrade to ExeOutput 2 when it is released.

ok, thank. :slight_smile: