ExeOutput and Windows 10 May Update

It appears that ExeOutput and apps can crash with Windows 10 May Update.
We will shortly release an update to fix this crash on Windows 10 update 2004 (May 2020). Until that, customers can install a patch for ExeOutput for PHP 2020.1 to make EXE files work again.
The link is here:

Unpack the .dat file to the “CEFRuntime” subfolder in your ExeOutput installation. Be sure to make a backup first. Then rebuild your EXE files.
This is currently only for GUI apps. A fix for console apps will be available too soon.

Thanks the patch. I will install this. When the fix for the consol apps is available, could you notify. Most of my apps are consol apps. Thanks.

Is there a patch for ExeOutput for PHP 2018 or do I have to update to ExeOutput for PHP 2020?

No, we cannot release a simple patch for 2018. For Windows 10 May 2020, you have to use ExeOutput for PHP 2020.2.