Exeoutput badges on menu icons

Is it possible to do badges on the menu icons?

I would like to use cronjobs to update interface by enable, disable menus: how to do it?
I would like to use cronjobs to update interface icons by adding there badges eg (20) (7) (5+) eg for information how many emails, tasks is open, not read or something similar.
I would like to use cronjobs to change images in interfaces, lock menu with information that new version of application is ready to download …

Cronjobs would be very, very usefull to create dinamicaly interaction with actual application path … :slight_smile:

It could be possible to make badges if you use different icons. ExeOutput allows you to associate images to menu items (thanks to the TImageList component). At runtime, it is possible to use SetUIProp to modify the ImageIndex property of a TMenuItem for instance.

Could you think if it would be possible to do the badges natively in the next version of the software. Could you do a tutorial about the possibilities and ways to change the interface from PHP, HEScript or JavaScript

You can check the general demo that ships with ExeOutput or the documentation. You’ll find code and explanations.