Exeoutput default error page

how can we remove default error page by exeoutput with the original error of the browser

Not sure what you mean:

But take a look at docs to customize the error message:


I am taking about “Exeoutput Viewer Error”

It shows error like:
“The following error has occured. Please press back to return to previous page or contact the author of program for further information.”

I am not able to attach screenshot with this

not sure what version of EXEOut but for me under the dialog boxes…

need to remove this page with original php error page if any like on browser

Every time this page occurs, we are unable to solve the issue. We have purchased your software named “ExeOutput for PHP 2018”


Please upgrade to ExeOutput 2018.2
BTW if you want to change the text of the error message, follow the instructions given by