Exeoutput for a Moodle website

We tried mysql sample instructions to convert a moodle sample website into an exe but there are errors in the code suggested in the manual to run a mysql based website using server2go. We would like to purchase this software for our website www.saamarthyaved.com to make our learning management system available offline which contains videos, jpgs and quizzes.


We haven’t tested the program with moodle, we’ll see if compatibility is possible.

Could you please confirm if this is compatible for moodle website. there are many like us who want provide there content offline which is on their moodle websites, so request you to have a look and confirm.


We’ll make tests with ExeOutput 2. What database server do you use? To create applications that don’t need a database server, SQLite is the best option. However, at https://docs.moodle.org/29/en/SQLite, it is mentioned:

SQLite is a serverless SQL database implementation. Moodle has experimental support for it. It is not recommended for production Moodle sites.