ExeOutput not possible to copy a project?

Seems like it’s not possible to copy a project and update the file listing to a new directory.
I would like to keep all the other settings of the project.

I’ve tried deleting and clearing all the files and folders, save the project file, close ExeOutput, re-load ExeOutput and all the files are back in there again?!

Alternatively clearing all the folders seems to work and then I add the new sources folder and now all the old files are back again!

This definitely seems to be a bug, and you are lacking the feature of being able to edit that main sources folder. And lacking the feature of being able to copy a project or save an existing project with a new name and being able to update the source folder.

Now I have to go through and manually check and change every setting in the new project versus the old one as I have to create a project from scratch.

We’ve paid for this software and not impressed by the above and I will need to do this multiple times.
Unless there is a quick fix or work-around?

It looks like you want to clone an existing project?