ExeOutput not working with system hard drive

Hoping the get answer “here” for big issue. Email support seems to take a very long time.

Forked out $200 for software, branding removal and extra year of updates. Hope it was a good investment, not feeling the love at moment:)

My issue is exeoutput will not access an internal hard drive. Will access my C drive and all attached USB drives.

The drive it will not access is standard NTFS format, in a physical bay and not a single other software on my system has issues with it. The disk has been error checked and cleaned up which I did just to make sure. A work around is to move all the files to another hard drive, but why should I have to do that?

Here is video showing my issue in real time: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cojqIwfA70

What do I need to do? Really like to have a trouble free experience…



This is not usual. Do you have a lot of files on these disks? Any antivirus program?

Lot of files on disk? I really do not know how to answer that. Never heard of a lot of files on a disk being an issue with software. Never seen it happen on any software and been using Windows since there was a Windows.

Yes of course have antivirus program.

But as I showed in the video can access the C: drive and all attracted USB drives. The drive in question (as shown in video) is in a bay inside computer sitting right under the C: drive.


Not sure if related at all, but noticed that exeoutput .exe programs won’t run correctly under visualization eg windows 7 - windows XP mode. The .exe won’t see the internal /data folder. Perhaps a similar issue if somekind of virtual drive - messy with the internal driver folder structure - guessing related.

Thanks for tip @orionmetrics!

I have given up hope for solution.

Bought so I could create some software for start of school and looks like in over my head on this one. Kids will just have to deal with my old way of creating with node.

In your video, ExeOutput appears to be working. It is scanning the drive to show files in the explorer’s like window and though the UI seems to be frozen, it is probably still processing files.
To check how many files you have, choose the drive letter in Explorer, right click and select Properties.