ExeOutput Php offscreen (SOLVED)


I reformat my PC … And installed Exeoutput Php
After entering the activation key, opening the software places the top menu of the software off the screen. And I can not access the top menus. And impossible to move the software on the desktop.

The problem occurs only after entering the activation key.

Could you help me please.

VF :
J’ai reformater mon PC… Et installé Exeoutput Php
Après avoir entré la clef d’activation, l’ouverture du logiciel place le menu supérieur du logiciel hors de l’écran. Et je ne peut plus accèder aux menus supérieurs. Et impossible de déplacer le logiciel sur le bureau.

Le problème survient uniquement après avoir entré la clé d’activation.

Thank you

Search for the exoprefer.xml on your computer and remove it. It should reset the main window’s saved position.


Ok, fine.

Thank you

This we often face. I was just wondering how i could manage the situation.

I searched for the file exoprefer.xml but i am not able to find it in my system

Which version of ExeOutput are you using?

version 1.7.0


You can find the file in the folder ExeOutput located in:
C: \ Users \ [PC Name] \ AppData \ Roaming \ ExeOutput


Thanks I got it, and it worked.