Exeoutput version 2 beta - download for all


I would like to make a suggestion.
Why not release the second beta version for download all ?
Would be more users testing and advancing their projects, so that when version 2 is released the conversion work would be advanced.

See my case:

  • Version 1.7 does not answer me.
  • If I buy the 1.7, I could upgrade to version 2?
  • Without buying version 1.7 I can not test version 2 - beta.

I need to test jQuery in Webkit (Chromium) browser. Trident does not interest me.

At the moment I can not move in the conversion of my systems.

Thank you.

Beta 4 (the last one) will be public. It should come in a few days, as we are still fixing some problems with Windows 10 AU.