ExeOutput Viewer Error

Testing exeoutput2019 I have created a Database composed only of a customer table and 2 field Photo and Name.
It works well on my local host.

with exeoutput adding a name and a photo the program shows me the following error:

“PHP Error: PHP Warning: count (): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in C: \ Users \ user \ Desktop \ output \ Data \ admin \ incFunctions.php on line 1320”

1318 function insert ($ tn, $ set_array) {
1319 $ set = prepare_sql_set ($ set_array);
1320 if (! Count ($ set)) return false;
1322 return sql (“INSERT INTO{$ tn}SET {$ set}”, $ eo);

I am a beginner in this field can someone help me to solve this problem?
thank you

Switch to PHP 7.1 or modify your code related to “count”: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51594817/php-7-2-warning-count-parameter-must-be-an-array-or-an-object-that-impleme