Exeoutput windows server 2016 compatibility

I try to run my consol app on windows server 2016, and an error massage appeared.
An error occured while loading the PHP runtime: in most cases, it is due to the lack of a required component on your computer. To run this application, you must first install the component. Exception: Could not load PHP DLL in memory.
My app use php 5.4, and created exeoutput 2.2.1. I installed c++ 2008 sp1 (x86), c++ 2010 (x86), c++ 2012 (x86) to the server.
My other app created exeoutput 1.7 and use php 5.2 running correctly.
Could someone help, what is needed to run this app.

Looks like more a problem with PHP not being loaded correctly. Could you try our shipped helloworld demo console app on this windows server 2016?

I tryed the sample app. The same error massage appeared. The Operating System is Windows server 2016 datacenter edition.
Any other idea? What could missing?

Did you have any luck sorting this out?

I’m having similar issues on my 2012 server.

I’ve tried copying the files elsewhere, and some of it has worked, but some also haven’t.

Which ExeOutput for PHP version are you using? Have you tried the new 2018 version?

Hi Support,

I’m having the same issue. The error received is “Exception(2019.1): Could not load PHP DLL in memory”

I’m using ExeOutput for PHP 2019.1

The windows version is Windows Server 2016 Data Center Edition

Please help.

Kind Regards,

On Windows Server, open Task Manager and check whether a PHP.EXE or PHP-CGI.EXE is loaded.

I got the same error running my console app on Windows 10 Pro:

Exception(2019.1): Could not load PHP DLL in memory

Another my Windows 10 Pro PC have no this problem - app is running Ok

As said above, on your Windows Server, open Task Manager and check whether a PHP.EXE or PHP-CGI.EXE is loaded.

I have Windows 10 Pro, not Server. I don’t see php.exe or php-cgi.exe loaded - only my app in Task Manager

The error can also occur if you have a local WAMP package running. Try to disable it if any.

No I have no any web server running. I have the same issue on my two remote Pcs.
Can I send you config or smth.?
But that console Exeoutput App working Ok on my development PC even with Xampp running.

Sure, you can upload the EXE and EXOP project file (zip them) and give us the link for download.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=16TPvwTRQh5fm_x4RG4v-ZWaoD8CDBB_1 here it is

Thank you! We’ll study the files on a Windows 10 Pro computer.