Exit Application Control Button - Caption Property Not Working

Cannot change Caption for a new control toolbar button. Created a Standard Action with Do this action of “Exit Application”. No matter what I place in the Caption property, “Exit Application” always appears on the button. I have entered just “Exit” and even blanked out the caption. But it always display “Exit Application”, without the quotes. Not having this problem with any other newly created button such as Do this action “Copy”.

Strange thing because standard actions generally override captions and imageindex properties, so that the same text appear on every control associated to the standard action. You can then use HEScript if you want to change the caption as a workaround (or modify the text of the ExitApplication resource string in the Localization page of ExeOutput).

Could you please provide an script code example on how to change the caption? Thanks

FYI. I did modify the Localization text for Exit Application and all is good now. SExitApp=E&xit