Expiring Ebooks can be fooled by changing the date on the computer


I created an ebook with a global expiration date. The ebook did not open after the expiration date. However, when I change the date on my computer, I can then open the ebook again. Please would you let me know if there is a way I can set up an expiring ebook which cannot be fooled by changing the date on the computer.

I am looking to create secure ebooks so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Which version of HTMLEXE are you using? Once the ebook has expired, it remains expired normally even if you change the system date.
If you want a better security trial system, don’t use the global expiration date but use the Restricted Tools feature of HTMLEXE.

You want your ebook to expire: Use Certificates to make the ebook
expire after a given number of days or runs
See http://www.htmlexe.com/Help/certificate-properties#expiration_features