Expiry Date setting also affects the dongle?

I set an epxiry date during “Build Secure Application” with activated “Burn the Inserted dongle automatically when compiling”; a Enky SL Dongle was inserted.
Now after expiry date I find that a new compiled application (the new expiry date is in the future) does not work with the above dongle. The Message is “License expired”. But the same application file runs at the same time with another dongle. My conclusion: The dongle was also provided with the expiry date when burning.
My two questions:

  1. Is the conclusion correct?
  2. (If yes to above 1.) How can I find out if a dongles is provided with expiry date and with what date?

If you specify an expiration date related to the dongle, yes. It’s you that configure the dongle’s expiration date on the dedicated XLS Padlock page before burning the dongle.