Export from XLS-Padlocked file has links

Hello, I am experiencing a problem with an Excel-Solution I have created. It is a workbook with several Worksheets which have a lot of complicated formulas in them. This workbook I want to protect with XLS-Padlock. Within my workbook I have a macro that allows the user to export the data in the workbook to another external new workbook while all the formulas are changed to values. This works as expected in the Excel-file when it is NOT XLS-Padlocked. It also does the export from the XLS-Padlocked version, but when I open the file which, to which data was exported, then I get the message that the file has external links to another workbook (I do not get this message when I do an export in the NON-XLS-Padlocked version in Excel). The external link is something like “u:\Office\K4N9D”, which does not exist on my machine. Do you have any idea, how I can get rid of these external links? Thanks a lot for your help.

Do you have an example about how you create external links in your workbook? Do you use VBA?

Yes i use vba. The vba code is in the xls-padlocked file. In vba i use workbooks.add to create a new excel-file. Then i skip through all worksheets of the xls-padlocked file and
copy worksheet.usedrange to a sheet in the new workbook, converting most
formulas to values and preserving some formulas. After this process the new
workbook contains the links to the xls-padlocked file. Thanks for your help.
Best regards Marc

Is it possible to modify these links with your VBA code?