External Files PHP Question

Have read the help docs and few threads here. Some referring to help like http://www.exeoutput.com/help/accessingfiles.htm (which is 404). Not finding want I need.

Having some issues with using couple of external PHP files and before getting deep into troubleshooting, want to make sure even possible.

So… Is there any limitations on external PHP files? All I want to do is leave couple in a config folder so end user can enter their personal details.

Thanks in advance.

You can place any external PHP files in the “Data” subfolder, so that they are found by the internal PHP engine.
See the “Accessing Files” topic of the General Demo that ships with ExeOutput, there are some samples that explain how it works.

That is very cool!

I just got back around to the project requiring this and works perfectly using info from General demo.

Thank you.

Got another question for you:

If I include a PHP file that loads external content with URL’s, is there a way to force those links to open in users default browser? The external content is actually a live page on web server (ads).

Know that if I use special protocol like “heexternal://” can open default browser but need way to use default browser if possible.

Thanks again.

Sorry I don’t understand your request. heexternal:// should be what you need here.

For instance:

Have external content that is pulled in from outside web site/server. The content sometimes has links. When those links are clicked on, links open in application and not the users default browser.

I cannot always control the content pulled in. Is there a way to force links to open in users default browser?

Well… guess this is not possible to accomplish?

It won’t be that easy unfortunately. A possible way would be using PHP as some proxy server or filter: you could have PHP download your external content (file_get_contents PHP function), parse the HTML code for links (with regex) and modify them to include the heexternal:// protocol, then feed the internal browser with the new HTML code.

One last question please…

If I have direct control over the iframe content, is there an easier way to force links into default browser?

At this point it does not matter if using trident or chromium, either would work for me. In a real bind to get a software program working with Exeout.

Really hate to continue using node…

No, there is no other way AFAIK

Ok, thank you much for all the input.