Failed loading php_opcache.dll

I have some consol app created with exeouptut version 2.1. This apps not run on the latest windows version 1909. I recreate this apps with exeoutput 2020.01. This work fine, but it start with an error massage: Failed loading D:…\Data\ext\php_opcache.dll. When I run this apps on windows 8 compatible mod there isn’t the error massage. I use php 5.6, openssl, mysqli and curl extensions only.
Could you help me to to hide this error massage.

ExeOutput 2 is too old to create apps for recent Windows updates. You’ll have to upgrade your copy. We still keep ExeOutput 2 available for download because some users may want to make apps for Windows XP or Vista. But these apps won’t run on recent Windows 10 updates. For that, you must use ExeOutput 2020.

The version is not problem. Now I use ExeOutput 2020. The php_opcache.dll errors are in the 2020 projects. I have some consol app. Most of them use php 5.6, openssl, mysqli and curl. In my every project has a same error massage. All extensions are complied into the app. What could be wrong?

Try this option if it helps:

I tried this. When I disable OPcache extension another error appear and the application not run:
[20-Apr-2020 10:24:52 Europe/Paris] PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘D:\Teszt\Data\ext\php_curl.dll’ - A megadott modul nem található.
in Unknown on line 0
I tried to clear PHP runtime cache. It didn’t help.

Yes, php_curl.dll seems to suffer the same bug. But it may be related to your project, because we cannot reproduce the problem. A PHP console project with PHP 5.6 works fine on Windows 10.