Failed to compile php script

I have post a thread on bugs fixed forum, but no one answer after few weeks, so i am posting it here, please at least answer either it is possible or impossible to use exeoutput for phprunner script.

Hi, i have read a thread about someone compile scriptcase code and it work with exeoutput.

but i only have another software call phprunner, it is similar to scriptcase, it will generate php pages and code without programming.

i have selected all the extension included when compiling, but it give a lot of error when run the app.

the script work completely when displaying under localhost:8085

i need to make sure phprunner with work with your tool before i can buy exeoutput,

the php file:

the sqlite DB

if you need to fix the php script to make it work, let me know the cost.

  • i have send email to support many times, but still no reply about this.


When there are errors, it’s good idea to put at least one of them as example.

In ExeOutput for PHP go to “PHP Settings” and uncheck “Display PHP error messages at runtime”. I think this is checked by default, but in fact it does not help.

Then, if needed, control PHP errors via php.ini. “PHP Settings -> PHP.ini”